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About the television series

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1. Nobody can pay or has ever paid to be on this television show.

The sponsors have paid for everything.  And, these big businesses are among the best businesses in the world because they are all small business advocates.  They know small business is the engine of the world's economy and the largest source of social capital in local communities.

Small business is where the first dollar is made. It is where dollars are exchanged for a product or service and that truly takes a village and their small businesses.

These sponsors include:

  • IBM (the founding sponsor and sponsors for over 40 seasons)
  • The United States Postal Service (sponsors for over 40 seasons)
  • Verizon (sponsors for over 30 seasons)
  • Microsoft (sponsors for over eight seasons)
  • and so many others who sponsored at least four seasons such as AT&T, BusinessWeek, and Travelers.

2. Longest-running TV series on PBS stations about best business practices

Every week since September 1994 on location asking questions...  every question is answered by a business owner who was recommended by many local business advocates and confirmed by their national trade association for their leadership, generosity, ethics, and courage.

About the website... the first pages went up in December 1994.

Most every image goes to a video. Every video has a Q&A, TRANSCRIPT, and an EPISODE overview.  Click on the Key Question. There are often dozens of other answers! You can also search for a VIDEO (always in the header). Use six tools to find just the right video. More...

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There are always prior pages.  One of the challenges in life is to grasp the deep meaning within the pages of one's life.  Every facet of your life is recorded. What are your best faces? This website, started December 1994 shortly after the show went on air (September 5, 1994).  It is all to focus on a search for best practices in business throughout the world and to tell the stories of people reaching for a higher perfection.
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Next...  please join us today.  You are invited!

You can sign up for the Growing a Business module, the Starting a Business module
(a reality check), or just the Library Access. Every video is about best practices in business.
Answer a few of the questions. You can develop your own four pages of content right here.  If you need help, nominate a business with a founder you'd enjoy as a mentor. Miracles can happen.
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