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All information collected on this site shall remain on this site and not be shared with anyone outside of Small Business School unless authorized by the owners of that information.

There is a long history that includes many discussions on the show and even an episode of the show about privacy and valuing your intellectual property.  It is a most important subject matter for our times.

With any and all our web sites, the privacy of our visitors and registrants is very important. Our first web site was initiated in 1994. This privacy policy was first put into place in 1996 through the direct inspiration and influence of Abby Kohnstamm, then a vice president of IBM and a leader in privacy protection.

Our web teams are comprised of the people employed by Small Business School,Inc.. This team can be reached via e-mail (camber @ or by telephone in the USA at 214-801-8521.

As a policy and practice Small Business School and her predecessors, Small Business 2000 and Small Business Today, do not share any information submitted on-line with third parties, unless they are acting as an intermediary to service the request of our viewer and/or customer (owner of information and herein referred to as "Registrant"). We compile several databases that are progressively built upon one another. Within the compilation database, referred to as the Index database, we provide levels of security control by the owner of the information.

The databases are as follows:

1. Cookies: A visitor to this site may be recognized by the domain name, but not the e-mail address of the visitor. This information is not shared with any party outside of the web hosting services group. Our site automatically collects and stores the domains from which visitors have come to our web site. And we will store and analyze this information and any information about pages visited. The information is used only to improve the web site and analyze the flow within the site.

2. E-mail registration: This data is collected for the sole purpose of developing a relation with our viewers and visitors. The e-mail addresses are not shared with any person outside of the Small Business School web team, unless authorized by the owner of that information. People who register with their e-mail address have full control to personally shut it off at any time. The option is "Get e-mail?" within the Registration and it can be updated at anytime. Uncheck the box and update the page, and no e-mail will be sent.

3. Opt-In. Registrants may also opt-in  several different programs:

  • Special offerings from us on behalf of our corporate partners. These mailings will be highly selective. E-mail may also be sent to people within a particular geography especially when we are seeking to do a production shoot, a special event at the local television station, or a local event within a trade show or exhibition.
  • Assistance from business advocacy groups . These groups include  banks, CPAs, investment bankers, and private equity investors.
  • Answer questions, Create pages : Registrants, also known as members, may opt to create a profile within this website. The owner of the information has total control over that information and can request that the information be made public at any time, however, SBS does not necessary obligation to publish the material.
  • Ratio data from month-end closings . This information is transferred by  uploading a program that does the automatic downloads. This program provides access for the participants only to see the mean ratio data from other businesses within their industry or sector. No specific ratio data is tied to basic profile information.

This Privacy Policy is subject to change. If changes occur, they will be posted onthis website and the respective websites of This page can be accessed from the bottom of every page by clicking on THE COPYRIGHT NOTICE.

Thank you.