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What can you do here?

Mon, 12/12/2011 - 17:44 -- admin1001

What can you do here?

1.  Watch over a lot of video about best business practices

Get your associates together and discuss just one clip each day.  Use the video clips and the case study guide to stimulate discussion.  You will be pleased with the results.  Register and log on for ease of use and to have access to all the videos.  Experiment a little.  You will be surprised at the cohesiveness engendered by such discussions.  Involve your employee(s), accountant, lawyer, banker, suppliers and even customers.

2.  Get listed in the Small Business Index of Learning Companies.

Now that you are registered if you are here, you can opt-in to be listed and linked in an index of businesses and owners who are truly trying to make this world a better place.     More...

3.  Next...  You are invited to join us today!

  • Sign up for guided-learning
    For the Growing a Business module if you have a business.
  • Sign up for a Reality Check
    For the Starting a Business module, a reality check, if you are thinking about starting a business.
  • Sign up for your business
    For unlimited  Library Access for you and your business.  Every video is about best practices in business.  Answer a few of the questions. You can develop your own four pages of content right here.
  • Get a mentor
    If you need help, nominate a business with a founder you'd enjoy as a mentor.
    Miracles can happen.
  • Get  an instant publicity machine with PR Newswire
    Take a look at this offer from one of the finest businesses in the world.  It is a $195 value that can open up over $2000 in savings.
  • Get on path to be a Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award Winner
    Work with these experts who have worked with virtually every major group within the US Department of Defense to institute quality programs.  This works.
  • Answer the same questions that Hattie has asked these owners
    You can write a transcript and case study guide.  You can then create a profile page of your business and then a homepage just like the homepages for each episode.

    When you get that far, you can opt in to be listed for consideration of a local episode of a show about you and your business.

    You will be on a very special path.  Log in (above) and go to the interactive questions-and-answers page. Answer a question a day or a question a week You will develop a presence on this website, and you'll be placed in the queue for consideration by your local business advocates. Once you're logged in, cursor over "Your Profile" in the header,  then click on "Answers."
  • Use the Daily Business Tips about Best Practices
    Every minute, sometimes every second, Small Business School  feeds a Daily Business Tip   to the readers of local business journals and newspapers throughout the country.  More...

What will you soon be able to do?

We are all developing special mental muscles -- a new kind of B-I-C-E-P-S -- that give us powers that look like omniscience and omnipresence.   But rest assured, no matter how smart and how ever-present one is throughout this  world, we all still have clay feet.  We are imperfectly striving for a more perfect way.


1.  Opt in to the Small Business Index for Learning Companies.

2.  Opt-in to the Small Business Index for Growing Companies

3.  Build out your transcript and then record each segment and upload them, and opt-in to have them indexed for the general public to watch.

4.  Opt-in to have these videos shared with other primary video centers for business.


1.  Create a profile page and link it to your primary web site.

2.  Activate the Small Business Index of Learning Companies.

3.  Activate the Small Business Index of Growing Companies.

4.  Opt-in to be considered for private equity capital investment.

Collaborate -  Communication

1.  Join your group by industry, by revenue, by geography...

2.  Collaborate online with every video and every broadcast.

3.  Schedule a video collaboration event for friends, family, and/or colleagues.

4.  Schedule a video collaboration as an open invitation event.


1.   Opt-in to publish your best practices and hold collaboration sessions to discuss each insight in greater detail with a group by industry, the size of the business, geography, or other criteria.

2.   Opt-in to host a collaboration session with any broadcast whereby your expertise in a given field is being addressed within the episode that is being broadcast.

3.  Complete your MBA online with several affiliated universities from around the world.

4.  Become an instructor within one of these MBA programs within your field, industry, discipline and specialty.


1.  Hire an excellent independent producer (from a listed of the highly recommended) and produce and "publish" broadcast-quality video

2.  Refine your case study and transcript as a book and create a ready-to-print and publish a book about your life and business.

3.  Submit you work for automatic circulation and a press release through PR Newswire.


1.  Integrate product listings within your basic pages and extend your online commerce.

2.  Integrate your business functions within your web pages on this site so these become an extension of your business.

More to come...