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Bonbond Media (Small Business School)

Television for PBS and Voice of America

Staff directory


Duc is the CEO/Founder of Bonbond Media. He focuses on technology creation to enable human creativity and productivity. He's been a leader with 14+ years of experience, specializing in product development and technology innovation in mobile applications, mobile/electronic payment systems, security, networking, web services, datacenter infrastructure, software, and parallel processing.

Prior to Bonbond, Duc was the CTO/Founder of Mobivi, a leading mobile payment service and microfinance. He was also the Founder and inventor of Vormetric security and encryption technologies, built core technical relationship with major OEM customers, which resulted in OEM win at IBM (IBM DatabaseEncryption Expert) and Symantec (Veritas Netbackup 'Media Server Encryption Option'). Vormetric was acquired for $424M by Thales, a $16B global technology leader for the Aerospace, Transport, Defence and Security markets.

Duc has 9 patents granted, 10 patents pending in the field of security and parallel processing

Chief Content Creator

Hattie is the producer/creator of Small Business School. She's been a small business owner since 1979 when she provided employee training for small companies of 100 or fewer employees. She developed courses based on the real stories and successful experiences of these small business owners and employees. She's presented seminars in most states and is a widely-acclaimed public speaker.

In every show, she takes viewers on a discovery mission to find out why people have been so successful within the businesses that they start from their mind and passions.

Executive Producer/Director

Bruce is the executive producer/founder of Small Business School (and before that, Small Business 2000 and Small Business Today). He focused on human creativity and productivity from a very early age. He's been a small business owner since 1970 and has had thousands of small business customers. In 1978, he envisioned a framework for diverse question-answer arrays about the first principles of work, value and life.  He asked, "How can we get the best answers to all our questions about life?"

In the '80s, he developed software systems mimicking human intuition. Putting it all together, the result was, a resource for small business owners to get real answers to questions about their businesses and a place to develop a community of values around best business practices.


Steven is a no non-sense writer. His favorite topics are technology, food, entertainment and cosmetics industry. Helping small business and mentoring those who is in need is what loves to do and very good at as well.

Director of Photography/Cameraman

Michael has done most of our studio shoots in San Diego and has been out in the field many, many times.  His production crews are all experts, professionals and all on the go, constantly traveling anywhere in the world. (

Michael Griffith Productions  has also worked with us within our San Diego studio to produce all the opening and closings segments.

Music Composer

In Santa Monica you will find the composer of all the music  within the show.  This is the special work of Daniel Walker: This section of the website tells part of the story. Daniel composed and arranged the music, then conducted it at the Capitol Studios in Hollywood with an orchestra of independent musicians.  He also had an important part within an episode of the show about intellectual property rights. To watch a little more, be sure to play this opening segment.

Senior Editor

In Dallas, John Fulton is the senior editor, and Michael Davis and Amy Polk provide ongoing support. John has done the final editing on the show since 1994. Michael does some of the digitizing for the web. Amy gets behind the camera and loves the...